What we believe

Our Mission

We will provide a link with worldwide network of suppliers to the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Plastic industries to fulfill the raw material requirements of our clientele while providing a “UNIQUE” level of service to both, one that will free their resources and thus increase their productivity.

Our Strenghts

  • Market Knowledge and Intelligence
    • Over 30 years covering PR, Caribbean and CA
    • Close contact with management and Operations personnel
    • Personnel with over 75 years of Industry Service Experience
  • Technical Expertise at point of sale
    • Chemical Engineering Background
    • Pharmaceutical and chemical Mfg. Experience
    • Knowledge and understanding of GMP rationale
  • Logistic Support
    • Daily interaction Ocean Carriers, Tank Operators, Truckers and Distribution Warehouses uncovers opportunities and delivers a competitive advantage

Sound Financial Condition

Our Strategy

Unichem will pursue development and expansion in a structured manner. We will prioritize and manage the growth of sales by offering the products of our current principals to maximize their market potential before seeking to increase our product portfolio by adding new manufacturer representations.

Our Market



Food Packaging

  • Industrial
  • Medical Devices
  • Electronics
  • Toiletries/Cosmetics