About us

Unique Chemical Technologies Inc., known as Unichem was founded in 1988 by Carlos M. Acevedo young entrepreneur Chemical Engineer.

Unichem is a world-class company dedicated to servicing the raw material requirements of the chemical and plastic industries in Puerto Rico. By virtue of our location and local market dynamics, our business has evolved to become a premier supplier to the Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and allied industries.

Our Strategy and business model was design with a simple tenet in mind, the customer. Create an organization capable of providing a customer focused service. We maintain consistency between the customer priorities and the supply chain capabilities that our supply chain aims to build. Unichem’s business model seeks close exclusive supplier agreement to promote growth and long term relationships.

To our customers we offer responsiveness and a full service approach involving sourcing, logistics, and inventory management which liberates their resources allowing them to achieve higher productivity.

Unichem’s success in implementing this strategy is evidenced by recognition it has garnered, from our partners in the industry. We represent the interest of Equistar Chemicals, Lyondell Basell, Ineos, Solvay Flour, Quimobasicos and Derivados Del Flour. We enjoy preferred supplier status at a number of Multi- National Companies in Puerto Rico.

The Company has seven full time employees and one part-time consultant covering all areas of operations, sales, customer service, administrative services, logistics and credit.